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Aloe Soothing Eyebrow Mask (For Soothing)

Aloe Soothing Eyebrow Mask (For Soothing)

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Discover serenity for your brows with our Aloe Eyebrow Mask. Infused with calming Aloe Vera, it soothes and refreshes delicate skin, leaving you with blissful comfort and rejuvenated brows.

    Key Benefits

    SOOTHING COMFORT:Dive into soothing bliss with our Aloe-infused formula. It gently calms and refreshes delicate skin around your brows, ensuring unparalleled comfort.

    REJUVENATION: Experience soothing rejuvenation for your brows, ensuring refreshment.

    STICKING MIRACLE: Stick with us for a hydration marathon! Our Hydrogel formula clings tight, ensuring every drop of moisture delivers a powerhouse punch of nourishment.

    SOOTHING LUXURY: Pamper your brows with instant comfort! Our mask provides a soothing experience, leaving your eyebrows feeling refreshed and fabulous!

    How to Use

    Apply the Brow Mask onto each eyebrow, and leave it on for 10 minutes. Then, remove the mask and gently massage remaining essence around the brow area.


    Aloe Vera

    • Vegan
    • Cruelty-Free
    • Clean Ingredient
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